Forthcoming Publication

Breanna Thornton's manuscript entitled, "Sequential Strategies for Teaching Spiccato" has been approved for publication in the American String Teachers journal. In it, she shares exercises for developing the physical motion necessary for spiccato, and also correlated repertoire and etudes for teaching this bow stroke.

Global Leaders Program Cohort 2020

Participated in the 2019-2020 Global Leaders Program which equips musicians with entrepreneurial and business skills especially for music social-impact projects. It is a nine-month program  with twelve modules co-curated by top institutions like Harvard, Duke Univeristy, Georgetown University, Longy School of Music. As part of the program, cohort members traveled to Chile and completed fieldwork in some of Chile's music organizations.


As a member of the 2020 Global Leaders Program Cohort, Breanna had the opportunity to present several online lectures for various international organizations. She collaborated with conductor Fernanda Lastra to present "Rehearsal Strategies for Student Ensembles" in Spanish and English via webinar. 

Youth Orchestras of Namibia 

Al ComPAZ 

Poster Presentation

Breanna's poster "Intermediate Violin Playing Skills: Correlated Repertoire & Etudes" was selected to be presented during the poster hall session of the American String Teacher's Association National Conference 2020, Orlando Florida.

Peace Music Academy Khon Kaen, Thailand

In 2014-25, Breanna spent nine months in Thailand as a student missionary. She taught violin and worked as an administrator at Peace Music Academy.

MA Document Pedagogy Research

Once students learn fundamental posture, instrument position, and technique, what are the next playing skills they need to learn? This project proposes sixteen intermediate level violin playing skill goals and suggests repertoire and etudes in which to develop those skills. 

"Intermediate Violin Playing Skills: Correlated Repertoire & Etudes"