About Breanna...

Breanna Thornton is a dynamic, multi-faceted person, from the United States. Her enthusiasm especially shines when she is guiding orchestra players from the podium or explaining a new concept her student inquired about in their private lesson. She is sincere and dedicated, and expects excellent quality from herself and her students. Breanna shares her musicianship as a violinist, chamber and collaborative artist, pedagogue, and educator/conductor. 


Going to Thailand as a student missionary to teach at Peace Music Academy during her undergraduate education at Southern Adventist University molded the direction of her professional musical path. There, Breanna spent nine months teaching violin and viola, and acting as the administrative organizer for PMA.  Last year, she participated in the Global Leaders Program,  which trains musicians in business and entrepreneurial skills especially for social-impact music projects and participated in associated international music teaching fieldwork. She is indebted to many instructors, including Robert Gillespie who gave her invaluable pedagogical methods that she currently uses and expands upon in her own teaching. Breanna is also teacher certified under the Suzuki Association of the Americas for books 1 & 2, and grew up in this musical system as a young child.

As she teaches, Breanna’s methodical mindset is evident in a very systematic and sequential approach and hopes to contribute to the field of violin pedagogy over time. She is especially interested in learning more about the youth orchestra and string education systems in South America, and contributing to string pedagogy in Latin America. As a conductor, she both teaches students technique and inspires them musically. As a performer, she tries to add a contemporary piece or a work by an  under-represented classical composer to her recital programs.


 Currently, she is a doctoral violin candidate and graduate teaching assistant, secondary area conducting at the University of Iowa. Breanna holds an MA in string pedagogy and MM in violin performance from the Ohio State University, and a BS in music performance from Southern Adventist University.  Click for CV.