Violinist. Pedagogue. Conductor

Breanna Thornton

This summer, Breanna led a few online lectures and masterclasses for Orquestas de Peñalolén , Chile; Youth Orchestras of Namibia; and Al ComPAZ, Colombia. Currently, she is completing her doctorate in violin performance and pedagogy, secondary area conducting at the University of Iowa. Please fill out the contact form if  your organization is interested in collaborating or if you are an individual looking for private violin lessons online.  Get to know Breanna more through this website and feel free to reach out via email.

Breanna Thornton's manuscript entitled, "Sequential Strategies for Teaching Spiccato" has been approved for publication in the American String Teachers Journal.  In it, she shares exercises for developing the physical motions necessary for spiccato, and also correlated repertoire and etudes for teaching this bow strokes.

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